early beginnings 

I have always been fascinated with model making. I remember a kindergarten assignment where each student was to make a diorama of a dinosaur habitat. I recall working with my parents on it, collecting materials and objects and arranging them in box to create the scene. The feature that stands out most in my mind of this grade school project was how my parents and I used white Tic-Tacs as dino eggs. I believe this is one of my early experiences of using ordinary every-day items in a not-so-ordinary way which led me to appreciate materiality today. 


Unlike many people, I knew what I wanted to be well before having to pick a major at college orientation. "Architect" was my goal since first grade. I would draw plans of my friends house's, sections of my own designs for sky scrapers, and after 9/11, I even drew up my own solution for a new design. By the time I got to high school, I was ready to start working towards becoming an architect. I went to an architecture magnet school, where I learned drafting and AutoCAD. I worked on my own designs for houses and public buildings. This involved model making, hand drafting plans, and presenting the idea & model to the class and teacher when the project was done.

I attended Florida International University and earned my masters degree in architecture in April 2014. While at FIU I honed my craft for model making and perfected my CAD skills. 

professional experience

I started working at BEA architects in April 2014, one day before graduating from FIU. The experience I have gotten at BEA is unparalleled. For the past 2+ years, I have gotten to see the process and development of projects, as well as my own designs go from paper to reality. Working on construction documents and construction administration, going to OAC meetings and site walks, and going through the general construction processes has really balanced my overall architectural journey. 


In what little spare time I have, between work and studying for my exams, I enjoy drawing, building Lego sets, and other artsy-craftsy things. I love to travel--another trait passed down from my parents. I have seen the Grand Canyon, stood at Four Corners, hiked Mt. Rushmore, ridden horses through mountainous trails in Tennessee, and so much more! I have been to 45 out of the 50 states before the age of 18. I thank my parents often for so much travel experience at such a young age. I have always considered myself to be well-rounded and appreciative of the world around me. I try to find the unique details in anything and everything, whether its that unique  bus stop I pass in Hialeah on my way home after work, or the way all the exposed screw heads face the same direction at the Pope Leighey House (a Frank Lloyd Wright design I've had the pleasure of visiting in Alexandria, VA). Details show the thoughtfulness of the architect, and gives soul to the design. 


My moms father, Daniel, was a photographer all his life. His mother gave him his first camera when he was just a little boy, in the 1920's. My fathers' father, James, was an engineer. He helped design bridges and all sorts of built structures. Both my parents, Joanne and George, were always into photography and the creation of unique works of art. My father's high school year book quotes him as an aspiring architect. My mother is one of the most creative and colorful souls I know. This solid background in creativity and creation proves to be a great foundation for my career, which is starting out beautifully.


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